About Myself

It has always been very natural for me to peer into other dimensions and move into deeper layers of the personality. I grew up in the Sivananda Yoga Ashrams, immersed in the reflective worlds of yoga, music and meditation. Growing up in an environment of love and spirituality has given me a compassionate perspective on life’s journey and an inspired desire to help others grow into their own fullness.

In 1989 I met my spiritual teacher in India which initiated a period of intense mystical experiences and spiritual acceleration. My psychic abilities became very strong and at times even disorienting. It was a time of exploration into other levels of reality. Time collapsed and my soul’s memories of past lives and other dimensions started flooding through. My world became a kaleidoscope of visions, impressions, lights and revelations. It was here that my psychic journey became a focused path of study.

Through my Readings and seminars I hope to make accessible the vastness within which we operate. I hope to leave you more connected with yourself and empowered in your life. This year I will be teaching a few seminars on yoga and various psychic subjects which I invite you to join.

A Yoga Story