Book Club

Read and discuss the Gods within The Lovely Om Tarot Deck

  • 4 Zoom meetings over the course of 3 months
  • 11am – 1pm MST (7pm Germany), find dates below
  • $20 Sign up fee for each 3 month topic

The Lovely Om Tarot includes many Gods from the Hindu Pantheon. These Gods are wonderful to connect to.

Learning about them will broaden your knowledge of the psychic world and give you access to great reservoirs of wisdom. It will anchor your awareness in higher realms and bless you on your spiritual path.

These Divine Beings are there. Knowing about them will help you to bring their energies into your reading space and bring in their guidance.

We will give a list of suggested books, but because of their limited availability, you can also use any book that is related to the same God.

This book club is a meeting place for you to share your experiences, insights, and discuss what you have read. It will be lead by Darshanie and Markus. Depending on how many people attend, we will break the group into smaller discussion groups so everyone can participate.

This group will not try to convert or push beliefs on anyone. It will be an open space to share and explore ideas, experiences, and questions from the reading material.

The Hierophant - Lord Ganesha - The Lovely Om Tarot

Ganesha (July – September)
July 13th (Welcome)
July 27th, Aug 31st, Sept 28th

Strength - Devi - The Lovely Om Tarot

Shakti (October – December)
Oct 5th (Welcome)
Oct 26th, Nov 30th, Dec 28th

Knight of Disks - The Lovely Om Tarot

Shiva (Jan – March)
Jan 4th (Welcome)
Jan 25th, Feb 22nd, March 22nd

Hanuman (tba)

The Emperor - Lord Rama - The Lovely Om Tarot

Rama (tba)

Two of Cups - Radha Krishna - The Lovely Om Tarot

Radha Krishna (tba)

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