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Ten of Disks

ten_of_disks_webEvery cycle becomes a foundation for the next. Every generation builds upon the previous. It is a spiral moving forward through time. We inherit from our past and gift to our future; each generation but one cycle in the long genetic story.

When you enter a family, you take on their karma. You become imprinted with their perspectives. As an infant when you enter this world, everything is new. You learn from your family, those closest to you, about who you are. They give you your name, they teach you what is right and what is wrong, what is allowed and what is not, what is sense and what is nonsense. Their issues become your issues. They imprint you with their views on the world and show you what is possible.

Every soul needs an entrance point into the physical. Your mother is that entrance point. She gives you the permission to enter this life. She provides you your passport into the physical realm and in turn, you enter an already established karmic line with very definite perspectives, social standing and physical features to give your take on it. You come in with the intention to live a life that develops your family line and is also meaningful for the evolution of your soul.

The most obvious inheritance we take on are the physical traits. Hidden within the physical though, is an emotional story. The body dutifully records our physical and emotional experiences and condenses them into a genetic storyline.

You might have inherited asthma. But how did it get into your genetic line. One of the emotional components for asthma is deep seated grief, a feeling of being emotionally crushed to the point where you cannot breathe. There might have been a catastrophic event where family was torn apart and exposed to levels of unbearable grief that they could not deal with. Their bodies took this experience into itself and held it within its structures. The body with its amazing ability to support and withstand, will hold on to an issue until you are ready to allow it to surface.

If you are not able to work it through it goes deeper and deeper into the body until it reaches the genetic layers. If necessary it will pass it onto its future generations and become a family karma in the form of a physical ailment. In this way, inherited inclinations, both physical and emotional, are an indication of  unresolved trauma imbedded within one’s family history.

Your family provides you with your roots. Your conditioning anchors you into a perspective which serves to form your sense of identity. It’s a point to start from, a place of origin for your life’s narrative. Your family’s accomplishments and your family’s defeats, become yours. Its like a baton race. Each generation can only go so far until the torch is passed on and the new generation takes over.

Evolution and growth is slow. Deep issues rarely get resolved in one generation. It often takes several generations to work out an issue. Patience is required. It requires repetition from many perspectives and it is a collaborative effort of many souls. For the soul, all experiences are good. Every problem will be solved, every knot is exciting, and it all provides experiences and growth.

Family lines and family karma is all about healing and evolving. When someone heals an issue within a family line, they are healing a wound that extends deep into their history. It is a milestone for their ancestry. Healing an issue is the same as the releasing of family karma. In doing so the generations that were caught in creating that karma become freed.

Ten is the ending of a cycle in preparation for a new. When you get this card, reflect on what you have taken on from your family. What parts of it give you strength, and what parts make you weak and need healing? You cannot avoid taking on what was given, but how you manage it in your portion of the story is up to you. You can repress it, contort it or heal it. Either way you are doing something with it and that will be your recorded contribution within the story of your family spiral. You are the new, the light and the hope of a very long story.