Ace of Disks

The Suit of Disks represents the element Earth. It shows the condensation of consciousness into matter. It is the slowest moving, densest and most fixed Suit. In general this Suit is about money, possessions, business, property, health and things of material value.

Disks are an outer expression of who we are and how we feel about ourselves within the context of society. It reflects to us our self-esteem, our sense of security, and financial stability.

The Ace of Disks is the first expression within the physical realm. It is a moment of magic when a pattern, an idea, a concept, a vision or a dream has received the blessings from the universe to have a material existence. It may take hard work to actualize as in building a house or it may require patience to emerge as in a seed germinating in the earth or an embryo gestating within the womb. The Ace of Disks symbolizes the entrance into the physical dimension.

It takes time to arrive on the material plane. An idea must first be conceived or plucked from the mental plane. Then it must be ignited with passion and find a reason to exist. Then it has be filled with colors, associations, meaning, fantasy and achieve an etheric state. Only then can it solidify further and enter the world of form and structure.

This card represents the process of awakening into matter. At the center is the circle point or origin. There is a pentagram within the innermost disk which is pointing upwards. Surrounding the card are three elemental angels of fire, water and air blessing the life force of the disk, so that it can manifest into the physical realm. The inner seed is activated and expands outward into a bigger disk with a five petal flower and another pentacle that spreads even beyond the confines of the outer disk. The five pointed star is a pattern found abundantly in nature and especially in flowers.

The pentagram expresses the balance point between positive and negative movement. It is a magical symbol that directs the energy pathway either upwards or downwards. When it is pointed upwards, it shows that energy is flowing towards the fulfillment of the subtle creation that is being brought through. When it is pointed downwards it shows a perversion of that same subtle energy into a direction that will lead to its destruction.

When you receive this card know that you are manifesting. It could be important to look at what you are creating. We don’t realize it, but our whole life, our environment and our situation is our creation. Our bodies are one of our most direct creations. We create it through the food we eat, the emotions we feel, the actions we perform and the thoughts we entertain. We are constantly bringing into form our feelings, passions and thoughts. This is something to be aware of when you get this card because it indicates that your powers of manifestation are particularly strong at this moment. The Ace of Disks can signify the beginning of something tangible, financial potential, money, growth, pregnancy, fertility, honoring something of value, and the start of finding one’s place in the world.