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Darshanie’s Tarot

The Star

xvii_starIt is very easy to get lost in the turbulent sea of life. There are so many little and big waves that tug you in various directions. In no time at all you can find yourself somewhere you don’t belong. These are times when one feels lost and alone. In these moments we look for hope; a spark of inspiration to shine light into the darkness so that a path can be dreamt. In these moments we look for the Star.

The Star provides a stable point of orientation. Above in the heavens, it does not get tossed and turned by the waves of fortune or pushed and pulled by the currents of passion. It stands still so that you can always reconnect to your true path.

Up in the dark sky, your star shines for you. It is filled with the light of your soul gathered from all its various experiences. It has purpose, personality, frequency, color and light. It broadcasts these qualities without interfering. It stays quietly in the background; peaceful and loving along with your soul family and guides.

The Star shines its cool brightness to remind of your divinity. It carries the message that you are originally a spark of light, made of ancient stardust, bright and luminous. You have qualities within you that are divine. Whenever you feel hopeless you can look up and be reminded of who you are so that you can find your way back to your original goodness.

In this card a maiden sits in her original nakedness and soaks in the energies of her soul. She dips her foot into the cool waters of her emotional, intuitive realm. In this reflecting pool, she sees her special star. Waterfalls pour down like inspiration from above to nourish her heart.

When you get the Star card, understand that you are not alone. There are those on higher levels that are there to assist you. Have hope. Life has a plan. If you feel lost, open yourself up to the guidance of your higher self. Remember you are part of this universe, put here through God’s grace. You are meant to be here. You might not know the whole picture, but your soul and the universe does. Ask higher realms for help. Keep company with those who support your light. Wish upon your star. Let it shine its light so that you may see your path.

The Sun

xix_sunThe sun is the reigning lord of our solar system. It is our leader. All the planets including ours, follow it faithfully through space. It is the central intelligence which seeks its expression through its orbiting subjects. The sun gives us the ability to see and gives us the energy to unfold our vision, through its greater vision.

The sun streams its rays in all directions bringing light, color and information into the dreaming mind of the earth. It soaks her soil with warmth and causes the slumbering seeds to stir and reach upwards and realize their potential. Its golden rays are like trumpets announcing the morning. The call of the sun is “wake up, wake up! Become who you are and in the process of becoming who you are, you will become more than you ever imagined. Come out, open up and unfurl the brilliant colors of your soul. You will never know them until you become, so start now, be bold, dare, the day is only so long”. You can sleep walk throughout the day, or blast through it full force and create a huge impact. The sun will shine and shine equally regardless.

The sun is our personal star. It is there to cheer you on and tell you that you can do it. It believes in you and it is there to bring light, clear doubts and give you courage to perform.

When you get the sun card it is time to tap into your creativity. Feel the power within you and express it. You are original and your expression is most glorious when it is shining without filters, like a clear blue sky.

Embrace light, embrace color, embrace your creativity and shine.


xiii_deathLife and death balance each other like day and night. Life should be vibrant and death should be restful. Life should be lived in such a way that when death comes one can rest deeply.

Death is very important for the soul to process its life experiences and to bring its accumulated wisdom into the soul. During death the experiences of the lifetime are reflected upon and then incorporated into the soul body. The soul body is nourished during this time and becomes stronger and more vital from a restful death period. Without a proper death period, the soul is reborn agitated, confused and filled with anxiety. If it is able to rest properly in death, and gets to merge consciously back into the soul, then when it is reborn, it will have a strong sense of self, great health and a clear purpose. Death is an important part of the Soul’s journey. Death is a preparation for life and life is a preparation for death. Both further the expansion and growth of the soul.

Death does not like stagnation. When the life energies are not expressed and active, death takes it away to become nourishment for another expression.

Letting go is allowing space for transformation and finally for bringing in something new and more appropriate. It is only normal that we change, grow and outgrow. Therefore we also have to allow our environment to change and grow with us. To do this we have to learn how to let go.

The universe is abundant. There is no shortage of anything. You can safely let go. More will always come. When you let go of something a space is created which the universe will fill as fast as possible.

Death stands with his right hand in the gesture of blessing as he takes the souls after their journey on earth. Their bodies flow down the astral river between worlds. There are all types of people, young, old, healthy and sickly. All are submerged in the cleansing waters and taken into the afterworld. The body goes back to the elements, the subtle bodies dissolve into the psychic waters and finally the soul moves back into the stars, the cosmic womb for deep rest. All is good, all is quiet and all is blissful.

The Datura flower is a mystical flower that helps one to shift dimensions. It is beautiful, poisonous and psychedelic. It is also the flower sacred to Lord Shiva, the original god of death and transformation.

The earth is dry and bare. There are many volcanoes, burning and transforming what is no longer needed. Through this destruction the ground becomes cleared and when the lava cools, new life will find fertile soil in which to flourish.

By finding rest in your heart and connecting to the sanctuary of silence within, you see more clearly what is meant to be in your life and what needs to be released.

Death asks you to meditate on life. It allows you to recognize life as a fleeting moment; a short opportunity that will pass. Do not hold onto things that restrict your flow. Surrender them into the river of transformation so that this precious time on earth is free to flow and be alive.

The High Priestess

High_Priestess_webThe High Priestess is a mysterious being. She goes where no man dares to go…deep into the void. It is where she feels most at home. The light of her intuition spreads throughout the darkness and illuminates every corner and facet of this immense space. Her mind is able to overlap the cosmic mind and perceive its secrets. Her’s is a big and subtle reality which is often difficult to convey into the moments of normal time.

When you get this card step back and recalibrate. Things are not as they seem because you are not seeing the whole picture. There are things hidden. Use your intuition, your answers are within. They might surface through your dreams, through signs, through another person and through coincidences.

The Moon

xviii_moon_webThe moon rules the night. It is a time when most of the world goes to sleep and slips into the sub-conscious and unconscious planes. It is a time when these deep levels have a chance to surface and become known through our dreams. During this sacred time, when the minds of men slumber, a quietness descends on the earth that calls forth the ancient forces of nature and magic. The realm of the receptive feminine energy awakens and it is moody, chaotic and mysterious. The Moon shines her light into the dark internal spaces and uncovers the hidden parts of the psyche. The push and pull emotional undercurrents become amplified and unknown fears begin to rise and grip your world. This is the Moon carrying you into the Void. It is a place where you feel the monsters of the abyss. They are awake and they have found you. In this vast ocean of emotion, there are no bearings. At any moment the calm waters can rise up and smash everything to pieces.

In this card we have a giant octopus threatening the safety of the little boat. The octopus is a mystical creature that has its intuition plugged into the great galactic mind. It anchors the universal consciousness onto our earth planet and holds the lines of communication open between us and the great cosmic ocean.

There is a push and pull between the smallness of oneself against the mighty backdrop of the cosmos. How to reconcile the immensity of this power dynamic?  When one looks around at the great ocean, spanning as far as the eye can see, in all directions on the surface, and deeper than the body can bear; when one glances at the star studded cosmos above and peers into infinity… then the scale of  one’s insignificance becomes clear.

Without the light of the sun the true backdrop within which we exist is revealed. The vast immensity of the void opens up and the sheer futility of holding on to who we are is threatened. The questions of the soul become relevant; the question of ‘who am I’, ‘where do I belong’ and ‘where am I going’. These are the deep eternal questions that the Moon prompts you to ask. The sun blinds you to the small reality of earth, but the night returns you to your place within the universe.

When you get the moon card it is important to spend time with yourself and introspect. New areas of your psyche are being revealed and it takes time and attention to get to know them and integrate them into your personality. It is time to confront your demons. Sleep more because in dreamtime a lot can be worked out in the subconscious. Inner work, psychic work, prayer, ritual; this is the time. Meditate, walk in nature, eat well and try to have peace in your environment to help balance the turmoil inside.

Knight of Wands

knightOfWands_webThe Knight of Wands is powerful. He has uprooted his destiny from the systems of society and is independent from their support. He does not depend on the police for security, or the doctors for health, or a company for a paycheck. He is self-reliant and is the agent of his own free will. He knows how to organize reality so that everything aligns to his will.

Some people might see him as fearless, but it is more correct to say that he is courageous. He believes in himself. He understands that things will not always be easy, but he knows that he can count on himself to pull through. He trusts that life will conspire to ultimately bring things together in his favor.

The powerful dragon that he rides is his psychic will force; his chi. It rides in the air, independent of the earth. This energy is wild and powerful. The Knight of Wands has to understand his vision to keep this dragon on course. This dragon’s natural movement is from side to side – it doesn’t fly straight. The Knight of Wands has to allow for this type of movement and by keeping his focus clear, he keeps this dragon on course. It is the way life works. When moving forward towards a goal, things never unfold orderly and on time. There are always obstacles, diversions and adjustments. The Knight of Wandsaccepts this and makes it part of the journey. Even failure is okay as part of the way and part of learning. He navigates with flexibility, allowing life to take him into the corners and loops that are necessary for growth. He also knows how to use those side to side experiences to strengthen his path and pool it into his goal. In the end, the side experiences make the journey richer than he ever imagined.

The will is a new concept for many. Most people feel obliged and indebted. They do things out of guilt, fear, and conditioning. They play the victim side of the power game. The Knight of Wands has shed the victim mode and is in the victor’s mode. He controls, he decides, he rules.

What a game life is. The Knight of Wands really plays it.

When you get this card, take charge; trust yourself and your ability to pull everything together. Look at the sun for inspiration; let your fire, your energy become hot and shine like the sun. Martial arts and body building are excellent for supporting this energy. Go out and conquer. It is your day, your time and the world is here for you.

Queen of Wands

queenOfWands_webThe Queen of Wands is like a faceted stone that is struck by the light of the sun and creates a fabulous display of sparkle and color. She channels in the light of her creative passion to bring about something new. From ordinary things, something magnificent she creates. From sand and stones, she builds cities and cathedrals, from water and garden, a sumptuous feast, from needle and thread, tapestries and fashion. She is the creative force within every person that aims to be expressed in this world. Her energy is the overall drive that creates culture, art, fashion, theatre and innovation. It is that which drives humanity forward to grow, become better and evolve.

She can be a powerful business woman, an entrepreneur, a fiery leader, a visionary, an artist and a seductress. Whatever she is, she is individual; a fiery Being who is able to bend and form her world according to her will. She is passionate because what she expresses comes from something real within herself. Just as the sun coaxes the flower out of the slumbering seed, bringing beauty and color into the world, the Queen of Wands is the life and passion that organizes her environment to achieve her own individual potential. Her inner sun, her Manipura chakra, is developed and active. It gently coaxes her soul potentials from its nebulous realms into form and into this world. Her life is her expression.

Behind her is a thriving city. She is actively involved in the world and is totally plugged into the lives of man. The magnificent jaguar represents her passionate, powerful and creative nature. She lounges on her golden throne and is very comfortable with this wild beast at her side. She is holding a golden staff with a serpent coiling upwards that signifies the kundalini force directed and channeled according to her will. Around her are rainbows which show her use of color, light and frequency in creating her world.

The sunflowers behind her represent her alignment with her soul. The sunflowers follow the sun, the soul of our solar system. They drink in the strength and beauty of their deity. They themselves are like little suns. The Queen of Wands is strong, her body is muscular and powerful, her beauty is piercing and confident. She draws from her own soul source and shines its glory into the world.

When you get this card it indicates the need to consult your own authority. Create to exercise your power to create. Create to experience what you are able to create. Create to become a creator. Feel your power by centering yourself within your perspective and letting the world fall into place around it.

Ten of Disks

ten_of_disks_webEvery cycle becomes a foundation for the next. Every generation builds upon the previous. It is a spiral moving forward through time. We inherit from our past and gift to our future; each generation but one cycle in the long genetic story.

When you enter a family, you take on their karma. You become imprinted with their perspectives. As an infant when you enter this world, everything is new. You learn from your family, those closest to you, about who you are. They give you your name, they teach you what is right and what is wrong, what is allowed and what is not, what is sense and what is nonsense. Their issues become your issues. They imprint you with their views on the world and show you what is possible.

Every soul needs an entrance point into the physical. Your mother is that entrance point. She gives you the permission to enter this life. She provides you your passport into the physical realm and in turn, you enter an already established karmic line with very definite perspectives, social standing and physical features to give your take on it. You come in with the intention to live a life that develops your family line and is also meaningful for the evolution of your soul.

The most obvious inheritance we take on are the physical traits. Hidden within the physical though, is an emotional story. The body dutifully records our physical and emotional experiences and condenses them into a genetic storyline.

You might have inherited asthma. But how did it get into your genetic line. One of the emotional components for asthma is deep seated grief, a feeling of being emotionally crushed to the point where you cannot breathe. There might have been a catastrophic event where family was torn apart and exposed to levels of unbearable grief that they could not deal with. Their bodies took this experience into itself and held it within its structures. The body with its amazing ability to support and withstand, will hold on to an issue until you are ready to allow it to surface.

If you are not able to work it through it goes deeper and deeper into the body until it reaches the genetic layers. If necessary it will pass it onto its future generations and become a family karma in the form of a physical ailment. In this way, inherited inclinations, both physical and emotional, are an indication of unresolved trauma imbedded within one’s family history.

Your family provides you with your roots. Your conditioning anchors you into a perspective which serves to form your sense of identity. It’s a point to start from, a place of origin for your life’s narrative. Your family’s accomplishments and your family’s defeats, become yours. Its like a baton race. Each generation can only go so far until the torch is passed on and the new generation takes over.

Evolution and growth is slow. Deep issues rarely get resolved in one generation. It often takes several generations to work out an issue. Patience is required. It requires repetition from many perspectives and it is a collaborative effort of many souls. For the soul, all experiences are good. Every problem will be solved, every knot is exciting, and it all provides experiences and growth.

Family lines and family karma is all about healing and evolving. When someone heals an issue within a family line, they are healing a wound that extends deep into their history. It is a milestone for their ancestry. Healing an issue is the same as the releasing of family karma. In doing so the generations that were caught in creating that karma become freed.

Ten is the ending of a cycle in preparation for a new. When you get this card, reflect on what you have taken on from your family. What parts of it give you strength, and what parts make you weak and need healing? You cannot avoid taking on what was given, but how you manage it in your portion of the story is up to you. You can repress it, contort it or heal it. Either way you are doing something with it and that will be your recorded contribution within the story of your family spiral. You are the new, the light and the hope of a very long story.

Knight of Disks

Knight of DisksThe Lord of Animals, Pashupati, has decided to be the Knight of Disks. The greatest of all the gods has embedded himself in this maya. This great Being, for whom all is equal, whose consciousness spans the entire cosmos, favors this tiny corner of reality. It is after all the playground of his consort, the Goddess Parvati, the mother of creation. Shiva is always supporting her. He is the enjoyer and experiencer of her play. Together they are the benefactors of mankind and this earth plane. They have created it and they adore all aspects of it.

Shiva and Parvati are always together. If you are looking for Shiva, you can find him with Parvati. You can find consciousness in matter. It is all alive. It is all cosmic vibration, all consciousness. Shiva is the hidden component in the material; he is what lays below the surface, the surprise we are here to uncover. We are the players of this game that he and Parvati are playing with each other.

When you get this card, step back, reflect, meditate, move back into the perspective of an observer and see how you are playing out a reality that belongs to you. Meditate on how consciousness is providing you with the stage and setting to live out your experience. This might be a chance for renewed appreciation for life, more gusto for the game and a wink from your creator.

Nine of Disks

nine_of_disks_smallYou have reached a stable level of prosperity in the Nine of Disks. The menial tasks are taken care of and the struggle for survival has been overcome. There is nothing that absolutely needs to be done. You have reached a great level of accomplishment in mastering the energies of the disks. You have earned this time for leisure.

Your world has become simple and safe. The constructs of good and evil and right and wrong have settled into their allotted places. All is at ease. The wildness of the earth has been tamed. Gardens are manicured and pets are domesticated. The primal energies of instinct and chaos are pacified.

When you get this card you can let go and relax. It’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You have the freedom to pursue hobbies, develop your talents, study topics of interest, travel, explore life. The material foundation is there and now its up to you what you do with this support.