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Ten of Disks

ten_of_disks_webEvery cycle becomes a foundation for the next. Every generation builds upon the previous. It is a spiral moving forward through time. We inherit from our past and gift to our future; each generation but one cycle in the long genetic story.

When you enter a family, you take on their karma. You become imprinted with their perspectives. As an infant when you enter this world, everything is new. You learn from your family, those closest to you, about who you are. They give you your name, they teach you what is right and what is wrong, what is allowed and what is not, what is sense and what is nonsense. Their issues become your issues. They imprint you with their views on the world and show you what is possible.

Every soul needs an entrance point into the physical. Your mother is that entrance point. She gives you the permission to enter this life. She provides you your passport into the physical realm and in turn, you enter an already established karmic line with very definite perspectives, social standing and physical features to give your take on it. You come in with the intention to live a life that develops your family line and is also meaningful for the evolution of your soul.

The most obvious inheritance we take on are the physical traits. Hidden within the physical though, is an emotional story. The body dutifully records our physical and emotional experiences and condenses them into a genetic storyline.

You might have inherited asthma. But how did it get into your genetic line. One of the emotional components for asthma is deep seated grief, a feeling of being emotionally crushed to the point where you cannot breathe. There might have been a catastrophic event where family was torn apart and exposed to levels of unbearable grief that they could not deal with. Their bodies took this experience into itself and held it within its structures. The body with its amazing ability to support and withstand, will hold on to an issue until you are ready to allow it to surface.

If you are not able to work it through it goes deeper and deeper into the body until it reaches the genetic layers. If necessary it will pass it onto its future generations and become a family karma in the form of a physical ailment. In this way, inherited inclinations, both physical and emotional, are an indication of unresolved trauma imbedded within one’s family history.

Your family provides you with your roots. Your conditioning anchors you into a perspective which serves to form your sense of identity. It’s a point to start from, a place of origin for your life’s narrative. Your family’s accomplishments and your family’s defeats, become yours. Its like a baton race. Each generation can only go so far until the torch is passed on and the new generation takes over.

Evolution and growth is slow. Deep issues rarely get resolved in one generation. It often takes several generations to work out an issue. Patience is required. It requires repetition from many perspectives and it is a collaborative effort of many souls. For the soul, all experiences are good. Every problem will be solved, every knot is exciting, and it all provides experiences and growth.

Family lines and family karma is all about healing and evolving. When someone heals an issue within a family line, they are healing a wound that extends deep into their history. It is a milestone for their ancestry. Healing an issue is the same as the releasing of family karma. In doing so the generations that were caught in creating that karma become freed.

Ten is the ending of a cycle in preparation for a new. When you get this card, reflect on what you have taken on from your family. What parts of it give you strength, and what parts make you weak and need healing? You cannot avoid taking on what was given, but how you manage it in your portion of the story is up to you. You can repress it, contort it or heal it. Either way you are doing something with it and that will be your recorded contribution within the story of your family spiral. You are the new, the light and the hope of a very long story.

Knight of Disks

Knight of DisksThe Lord of Animals, Pashupati, has decided to be the Knight of Disks. The greatest of all the gods has embedded himself in this maya. This great Being, for whom all is equal, whose consciousness spans the entire cosmos, favors this tiny corner of reality. It is after all the playground of his consort, the Goddess Parvati, the mother of creation. Shiva is always supporting her. He is the enjoyer and experiencer of her play. Together they are the benefactors of mankind and this earth plane. They have created it and they adore all aspects of it.

Shiva and Parvati are always together. If you are looking for Shiva, you can find him with Parvati. You can find consciousness in matter. It is all alive. It is all cosmic vibration, all consciousness. Shiva is the hidden component in the material; he is what lays below the surface, the surprise we are here to uncover. We are the players of this game that he and Parvati are playing with each other.

When you get this card, step back, reflect, meditate, move back into the perspective of an observer and see how you are playing out a reality that belongs to you. Meditate on how consciousness is providing you with the stage and setting to live out your experience. This might be a chance for renewed appreciation for life, more gusto for the game and a wink from your creator.

Nine of Disks

nine_of_disks_smallYou have reached a stable level of prosperity in the Nine of Disks. The menial tasks are taken care of and the struggle for survival has been overcome. There is nothing that absolutely needs to be done. You have reached a great level of accomplishment in mastering the energies of the disks. You have earned this time for leisure.

Your world has become simple and safe. The constructs of good and evil and right and wrong have settled into their allotted places. All is at ease. The wildness of the earth has been tamed. Gardens are manicured and pets are domesticated. The primal energies of instinct and chaos are pacified.

When you get this card you can let go and relax. It’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You have the freedom to pursue hobbies, develop your talents, study topics of interest, travel, explore life. The material foundation is there and now its up to you what you do with this support.

Eight of Disks

eight_of_disks_smallAs sovereign Beings on a planet that allows free will, we have the special ability to create reality. The powers of our mind, emotion and imagination, harnessed through the will are powerful enough to create reality.

The architects of society know this amazing ability of the human will in unifying the creative forces and bringing reality into form. They understand this power of free will and have mastered the art of creating consensus, and manipulating humanities emotions to create their version of reality. They have created systems which we enter and unknowingly consent to. When enough people agree on certain beliefs, their creative forces unite and make it real.

The living environments and social structures are designed specifically to harness every aspect of our free will to create a collective ideology. Before we are even born, our life trajectory is already set by virtue of the system we enter.As a baby, our parents are custodians of our free will and they, being already conditioned, give our rights over to the system.

We come into a world that is predesigned with its city walls, building structures, city plans, hospitals, healthcare systems, money systems, government systems, military systems and school systems. Within these structures we have to find our place and find success. In becoming successful we learn how to play the game.

In this card, the master architect is designing and creating the game board for everyone to play in. Through the layout of the roads and sections of the city, he sets up areas of association and areas of distance. He uses the energy of the lay lines of the land to create centers of power for leadership and areas of productivity for the workers. He sections off areas of beauty for the wealthy and areas of degeneration for the servants. In this way the societal hierarchy is built into the map. Generations of families will live and work out the scenarios of this orchestration. The inhabitants will be born into this schemata, grow up into it, play out their role and also die in it until they learn to master the energies of the game. When they do, they will then be able to pull their vested energies out of the systems of the game and form their own system; one that is in alliance with their Soul’s expression and earth’s energies.

We are ultimately meant to create our own version of reality and share it with those who belong to it. But before you discover your own roots, you learn to live, grow and thrive using the roots given to you by society.

In this card you have reached a certain level of mastery on which you can rely on. You have found your place in society. You have mastered your craft and have found stability through it.

This card represents masculine power that structures the world, and creates boundaries, rules and laws.

When you pick this card, look at your environment and see how it influences you. Acknowledge your level of mastery in the game of society. See where you benefit from it and where you would like to reclaim your power. Learn about your environment and make it work for you.

Seven of Disks

Seven of Disks

seven_of_disks_smallYou have undertaken the massive task of restructuring the earth. In this card a farmer looks over his land and sees all the work he has done. He has cleared the earth of her many grasses, shrubs, trees and wildlife.  He has arranged the land according to his needs. Crops are planted in neat rows for easy sowing and harvesting. Fruit trees are clustered together on the hill. There is even an area for the farm animals to graze and get milked. The natural environments are broken, tamed and put to use.

Rewriting the land is no small task. The earth and vegetation have a history that is millions of years older than ours. Within the ancient thick woods and deep forests are the hidden dimensions of fairies, nature beings, tree spirits and elementals.

The ancient trees  were the original gods and alters of worship. They are the living witnesses of life and the keepers of  history.To sit and melt with an old tree is to become still and enter the library of time. A tree can share with you its wisdom if you are receptive.

When you clear the land, you take from it the multitude of beings, both physical and astral. You clear away the magic, the mystery and the wisdom. You level the dimensions down to the surface.

Man is a young species. He is still learning about himself and battling with his fears. The world that he carves out for himself is based on his survival. He is afraid of the wild mysterious, powerful life force of mother nature and so he creates a tame version that he can manage.

Man does not realize that in doing this, he is cutting himself off from his greater spirit, his subtle levels and from his history. The elements of the earth are the elements that make up his very body. They are part of his inner world and the doorway to his spirit.

So the poor farmer works hard. He has removed all that he is afraid of and created a domain of comfort and safety where he can feel secure.

When you pull this card, understand that it is your limitations that you are catering to. The obstacles that you are facing is that of cultivating the rawness of nature into your vision of utility.

After a period of hard work, it is time to pause, reflect and assess your progress. You might be feeling tired, you might be feeling discouraged. Progress seems slow and patience is required to see your project through to completion. You are making the world a place that is friendly for you. Remember though, that nature is the greater Being in which we live in and so it is difficult to go against her. See where there might be room for corporation. It is easier to accomplish your goals by working within her flow.

Six of Disks

six_of_disks_smallThe number 6 has a physical focus. Its energy pools down into the lower realm of the figure. Consciousness slides down the tree of duality into the physical dimension and its perception becomes limited. Perception is from the physical senses and cut off from the subtle senses. It’s like scoping the landscape from the valley. There is only so much you can see. When you look at consciousness, there are various levels of unity and various levels of separation.

The Garden of Eden is where there is still the awareness of interconnectedness because there is still perception of the fluid and vaporous realities. Within the garden, the tree of Knowledge gave the Knowing of good and evil. Not an intellectual understanding, but a knowing through living and experiencing this duality.

As the serpent descends down the Tree of Knowledge it becomes dormant in Mooladhara, reality shifted and become solid. Perception separates from spirit and consciousness moves to the surface and you believe when the body dies that you also die. Your whole reality arranges itself to accommodate this shift.

Being bound to matter in this way creates a state separation. In this state there is loneliness and longing, there is lack and need, there is hunger and emptiness. A new perception of self is birthed to respond to this new paradigm. This is the birth of the ego self.

When you are connected to the subtle layers of yourself you know that what you seek is within you and nature. In the six of disks, you are now matter-based and in your separateness you believe that everything you need is outside. You become dependent on the charity of others, you become subject to the systems of power; you become a beggar in your own kingdom.

Looking outside creates desire which is an expression of the Kundalini force at the frequency of lust. This sacred energy when expressed from the levels of unity is love and when expressed through the screens of duality, is lust. Lust is a powerful force that solidifies and reinforces the ego self and separates us further from the higher realms. Through lust the sexual energy has a downward flow that nourishes the ego and makes man strong in the world of forms.

The feminine principle is wild and vibrant. It wants to experience and explore every dark corner of reality. It was not only the serpent that tempted Eve, but also Eve who lured the serpent down into the adventure of matter, down into creation, down into the play of the world.

Here in the six of disks, consciousness has scaled itself down the rainbow ladder of frequencies and presents itself as beggars to the moneylender.
The boy and girl are no longer aware of their connection to nature and the higher realms and are like lost children seeking shelter, guidance and protection. The money lender represents Maya, and is an invitation into the game of the material world. He represents the power of the outer world. He holds the scales which represent the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the tree of duality. On it is the snake, the symbol of consciousness, twining itself down the central staff.
Here the individual has entered the game of life and taken on the veils of Maya, the illusory reality of separation. It is a whole new world of exploration; a new adventure. The ego must be built up so the game can be played. Ahead is the city walls and gate. The boy and girl ready themselves to take on the world. Let the games begin.

Five of Disks

five-of-disksNo man stands alone. Our roots intertwine with others. Our basic needs for survival and belonging keep us together. We are social beings. Our sense of self first begins with family, then extends to friends and then further into community, religion and nationality. These are relationships that root us into the world. Through interaction and belonging we get to understand who we are and where we fit in.

Disks speak of the earth, the realm of Mooladhara. In the five of disks the fears of this chakra are confronted. The structures that support the physical dimension are breaking. The body is frail and has many needs without which it would fold back into the elements. This is a moment of panic and desperation.

In this card an old couple makes their way out of a frozen forest, looking for refuge from the cold. They are weary and have no more resources to draw upon. In the deep of winter not all survive. There is scarcity and life is bleak. The colors of the year are gone and life’s energies want to turn inwards. Night descends to allow the inner dimensions to come out. In this darkness ghosts and demons take form and have a voice. They are the voice of fears and insecurities, our shadow side that waited quietly during the summer months. This is the dark night of the soul. It is an initiation through the first chakra. Death is knocking. What are you going to do?

Five is a halfway point. You have started down a path where there is enough history and investment that you cannot go back. The question is how to go forward. The stars in the heaven form a downward pointing pentagram which narrows the focus to physical needs. The couple is walking out of the dark forest which represents their personal landscape of fears. They look to the church and city for community and support.

Five is a balance point between the inner and outer worlds. Here choices can be made with a window into both these dimensions of self. The two travelers, because of their weakened state are tempted to give up their freedom and personal power to the big institutions of society in exchange for safety and security. During times of loss you try to restructure, regroup and redefine your situation. What are you willing to trade for your survival?

When a tree is young it needs support against the wind and protection from wild animals. But once it is established and strong it can rely on itself. Likewise, in the beginning you need the support from society and its institutions, but as you grow, you begin to understand your own personal strength.

Winter is not a surprise as it happens every year. After living through a few, you learn how to prepare for it and enjoy its place within the year. The dark nights of the soul also come. It is part of life. You eventually learn that these dark winters are actually moments of opportunity to discover untapped strength. You learn to dig deep and a new wisdom emerges; the wisdom within darkness.

The five of disks asks you to move smoothly into the darkness, to get to know it as your friend. The lotus originates in the darkness before it knows the light. Life starts deep in the earth, deep in the womb, and in darkness. Embrace the fears that Mooladhara brings up. Let the monsters out of the closet. They are your friends. In the closet they are your fears. Let them out so they can find their naturalness again. Make them part of you, part of your Being – this is the secret of wholeness. There is no split between light and dark. They are both within, both part of your being.

Five is a pivotal number and determines the direction of the rest of the suit. When you get this card, there are issues that require inner and outer balance. Take time to reflect inside and embrace the darkness that is surfacing. Allow it a safe expression. Hear what it has to say. At the same time, find community in your outer world that supports the development of the person you want to become. Decisions at this point of your journey solidify your alliance with your world around you and your world within you.

Four of Disks

four-of-disks-darshanieThe wisdom of the earth is organized within the cyclical revolution of the seasons. Every process has its place, its time and its importance. There is value in youth and old age, in becoming and releasing, in birth and death. This is the wisdom of nature. There is no fight between light and dark, they both exist side by side to support and replenish the other. Each season is distinct with its own theme, set of colors, issues and experience of the life force. As the earth spirals through space, the rhythm of 4 creates the grounding structure for life to play out its dance.

Spring is the morning of the year. The life force is strong and fresh. Life is expressed with a palette that is bursting with color. It is full of vigor and vitality. Spring is a creative period. Life is young and filled with ideas, ideals, promises, hopes and expectations. The energy of spring carries our hopes, desires and inspirations. The gushing waters of freshly molten snow, the cacophony of songbirds and the shower of petals against the bright blue sky creates the mood for this season of beauty, innocence and first love.

And as things all do flow, spring gives way to the beautiful season of summer. Youth matures into adulthood. The projects started in spring are actualized and the flowers become fruit. Summer is a season of accomplishment. It is a peak time of the year; the sun is at its strongest and bathes the earth with its brilliant light. It celebrates the intensely creative element of fire. In summer the trees are laden, there is plenty, the days are long and the life force is established.

After the glorious days of summer when the life energies are spent, the beautiful season of autumn begins. It is time to move toward the internal dimensions. The experiences of summer are reflected upon, preparations are made to let go and move into the profound state of winter. Animals are storing their food, trees are pulling in and days are becoming shorter. It is a time to let go. There is the truth that nothing is permanent. In the end the essence of the experiences, the internal components are extracted, and the forms are discarded. The trees will carry the memory and record of the year, but the physical expression within the fruits and leaves are released. Autumn is well represented by the sunset; a dazzling brief moment sent off in celebration of a day well spent. It is the period of old age, where one reflects upon life, love, joy, and sorrow. He reflects upon his life and comes to a place of understanding, insight and wisdom. Like the waning moon, the nights become longer and darker and the world prepares itself for deep slumber.

Now begins the beautiful season of winter, the season of night. Winter is a season of rest, sleep, death and hibernation. It creates space to recharge, rejuvenate, reinvent and to connect once again to the deep layers of the soul. Without this phase, we would quickly burn out from the fires of summer. Life has a chance to inhale and receive. The earth takes in its experiences. It processes all the material of the year. The leaves, seeds, sticks and plants that have fallen are buried under the snow and they slowly decompose and merge back into the earth. There is connection and access to soul levels where you can experience and communicate with other dimensions of yourself. This is the dark time of year, ruled by the mystical new moon. The days are short, life is withdrawn and the element of earth presides. It is time to close the eyes and open to the vision of the soul, to move into no time and dream within the infinite realms of the cosmic mind. The energy and inspiration that is gathered in this season is what is expressed when life starts again in spring.

This perfect cyclic rhythm is carried out every day; morning, day, evening and night. . .in every moon cycle; waxing, full, waning and new. . .in every year; spring, summer, fall, winter. . .in the directions; east, south, west and north. . .in the elements; air, fire, water and earth. . .and in the stages of life; youth, adulthood, old age and death.

Deep within the crystal caverns of the earth, in her akashic storehouse, are recorded the laws of nature. A wise dwarf who is a keeper of this realm presents an ancient scroll where these laws can be read.

When you get this card, reflect on your activities and harmonize them with the natural rhythms of nature. This card asks you to join into the cosmic pulse of life. Your world needs grounding and support which the universe can provide once you follow its wisdom logic where everything has a time and a place. Connect to this natural rhythm and you will get plugged into the funky groove of our spiraling spaceship earth.

Three of Disks

three-of-disks-darshanieWithin the secret doorways of nature there exists a fascinating realm of brilliant colors, dazzling lights, shimmering geometry and eternal archetypes. This is the realm of eternal truths from which nature creates. The truth of a rock, a pearl and a lion are found here. The essence of blue, wet, infinity, a triangle and a circle are found here. The structure of whirlwinds, trees, starfish and a rainbow are found here. The blueprints for prosperity, harmony, beauty, distress, and hunger are found here. This is the realm of forms that Plato spoke of in the Allegory of the Cave. A rose is a rose because it expresses the essence of what a rose is within this realm of perfect forms. Nature is the expressive ground for these eternal truths. She expresses these perfect truths in unending variety.

As creative beings we can also manifest using this realm. As a human you carry within the subtle body access to a wide range of forms. This means that you have the flexibility to choose what you connect to. It’s not like the case of an apple that must carry the essence of an apple. It’s more like an apple that can carry the essence of pears and cherries and plums. We can choose the true forms we connect to and bring through. This is the power of our free will and the gift of the human template.

Through the power of imagination, identification and association you can connect to and conjure into your reality the vibration of different forms. By surrounding yourself with forms of divinity such as flowers, nature and sacred mantras, you can become divine. By surrounding yourself with forms of degradation such as violence, drugs, meat and porn you can become demonic.

In this card three flower fairies are creating a beautiful field, one flower at a time. They are filling in the blueprint for a wild rose, a flower of great beauty and a gift from Venus. The rose carries within it many inspiring codes from the realm of forms. It carries the five pointed geometry of nature in its structure, the blueprint of innocence in its delicate petals, the essence of femininity in its soft pink, the rapture of love in its intoxicating fragrance, and the power of creation in its central bindu. The flower fairies are master craftsmen and they weave these eternal truths into the flowers so that their qualities can manifest and become available on the material plane.

With the three of disks you already understand the direction of your project. Now is the time to establish beneficial connections and partnerships. This card indicates the need for a strong support system. Reach out and network. You cannot do this alone. You need the help of the universe, nature and your community.

Two of Disks

two-of-disks-darshanieA sapling emerges from the ground and begins its journey to becoming a tree. This card heralds change and growth from one form to another.

A seed begins to sprout and shows itself above the surface of the earth. This seed carries potential form and life. As it sprouts, that possibility can begins to actualize. At this early stage it is very delicate and it relies heavily on the grace of the sun, wind, rain and seasons.

This card is about manifesting into the physical world. Within the earth the seed is still in an internal state and it has not yet been presented to the world. But when the seed breaks through the earth, its potential is activated and its vision is articulated and communicated. It begins to face the world and if it is nurtured by the elements it will grow. The beginnings of a great tree is often humble and small. But with time, patience and support, it can huge, strong and rooted.

Any undertaking needs to have deep roots in the internal dimensions of your heart and imagination to weather itself through storms. A tree needs to be rooted. Roots and branches must grow in balance with each other. A tree should not extend itself beyond what its roots can support.If its roots are too shallow then it will depend on the support of society and circumstances which are always fluctuating and it might not have the strength to become a great tree. It is easiest to manifest what you are passionate about.

In the Two of Disks your endeavor has met its first step in establishing itself. It still needs a lot of planning, time and support to reach its potential. At this stage it is important to pace yourself and utilize what you have. It is important to carefully juggle resources in order not to over extend yourself. Jupiter is in Capricorn which is favorable for growth and expansion if hard and consistent work is applied. Growth takes time and resources. You have to budget your time, energy and money to make it through the long haul. Come up with your financial plan, communicate your mission statement and proclaim your direction. Your project is young and its well-being will fluctuate according to the outer influences of sunlight, rain, wind and seasons. You are reliant on and need the support of your community.You might need help from your neighbors and friends to get by. Keep your vision strong and keep your roots nourished by staying in touch with your passion. Keep your body strong for all the hard work ahead. This is just the beginning.