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The Star

xvii_starIt is very easy to get lost in the turbulent sea of life. There are so many little and big waves that tug you in various directions. In no time at all you can find yourself somewhere you don’t belong. These are times when one feels lost and alone. In these moments we look for hope; a spark of inspiration to shine light into the darkness so that a path can be dreamt. In these moments we look for the Star.

The Star provides a stable point of orientation. Above in the heavens, it does not get tossed and turned by the waves of fortune or pushed and pulled by the currents of passion. It stands still so that you can always reconnect to your true path.

Up in the dark sky, your star shines for you. It is filled with the light of your soul gathered from all its various experiences. It has purpose, personality, frequency, color and light. It broadcasts these qualities without interfering. It stays quietly in the background; peaceful and loving along with your soul family and guides.

The Star shines its cool brightness to remind of your divinity. It carries the message that you are originally a spark of light, made of ancient stardust, bright and luminous. You have qualities within you that are divine. Whenever you feel hopeless you can look up and be reminded of who you are so that you can find your way back to your original goodness.

In this card a maiden sits in her original nakedness and soaks in the energies of her soul. She dips her foot into the cool waters of her emotional, intuitive realm. In this reflecting pool, she sees her special star. Waterfalls pour down like inspiration from above to nourish her heart.

When you get the Star card, understand that you are not alone. There are those on higher levels that are there to assist you. Have hope. Life has a plan. If you feel lost, open yourself up to the guidance of your higher self. Remember you are part of this universe, put here through God’s grace. You are meant to be here. You might not know the whole picture, but your soul and the universe does. Ask higher realms for help. Keep company with those who support your light. Wish upon your star. Let it shine its light so that you may see your path.

The Sun

xix_sunThe sun is the reigning lord of our solar system. It is our leader. All the planets including ours, follow it faithfully through space. It is the central intelligence which seeks its expression through its orbiting subjects. The sun gives us the ability to see and gives us the energy to unfold our vision, through its greater vision.

The sun streams its rays in all directions bringing light, color and information into the dreaming mind of the earth. It soaks her soil with warmth and causes the slumbering seeds to stir and reach upwards and realize their potential. Its golden rays are like trumpets announcing the morning. The call of the sun is “wake up, wake up! Become who you are and in the process of becoming who you are, you will become more than you ever imagined. Come out, open up and unfurl the brilliant colors of your soul. You will never know them until you become, so start now, be bold, dare, the day is only so long”. You can sleep walk throughout the day, or blast through it full force and create a huge impact. The sun will shine and shine equally regardless.

The sun is our personal star. It is there to cheer you on and tell you that you can do it. It believes in you and it is there to bring light, clear doubts and give you courage to perform.

When you get the sun card it is time to tap into your creativity. Feel the power within you and express it. You are original and your expression is most glorious when it is shining without filters, like a clear blue sky.

Embrace light, embrace color, embrace your creativity and shine.


xiii_deathLife and death balance each other like day and night. Life should be vibrant and death should be restful. Life should be lived in such a way that when death comes one can rest deeply.

Death is very important for the soul to process its life experiences and to bring its accumulated wisdom into the soul. During death the experiences of the lifetime are reflected upon and then incorporated into the soul body. The soul body is nourished during this time and becomes stronger and more vital from a restful death period. Without a proper death period, the soul is reborn agitated, confused and filled with anxiety. If it is able to rest properly in death, and gets to merge consciously back into the soul, then when it is reborn, it will have a strong sense of self, great health and a clear purpose. Death is an important part of the Soul’s journey. Death is a preparation for life and life is a preparation for death. Both further the expansion and growth of the soul.

Death does not like stagnation. When the life energies are not expressed and active, death takes it away to become nourishment for another expression.

Letting go is allowing space for transformation and finally for bringing in something new and more appropriate. It is only normal that we change, grow and outgrow. Therefore we also have to allow our environment to change and grow with us. To do this we have to learn how to let go.

The universe is abundant. There is no shortage of anything. You can safely let go. More will always come. When you let go of something a space is created which the universe will fill as fast as possible.

Death stands with his right hand in the gesture of blessing as he takes the souls after their journey on earth. Their bodies flow down the astral river between worlds. There are all types of people, young, old, healthy and sickly. All are submerged in the cleansing waters and taken into the afterworld. The body goes back to the elements, the subtle bodies dissolve into the psychic waters and finally the soul moves back into the stars, the cosmic womb for deep rest. All is good, all is quiet and all is blissful.

The Datura flower is a mystical flower that helps one to shift dimensions. It is beautiful, poisonous and psychedelic. It is also the flower sacred to Lord Shiva, the original god of death and transformation.

The earth is dry and bare. There are many volcanoes, burning and transforming what is no longer needed. Through this destruction the ground becomes cleared and when the lava cools, new life will find fertile soil in which to flourish.

By finding rest in your heart and connecting to the sanctuary of silence within, you see more clearly what is meant to be in your life and what needs to be released.

Death asks you to meditate on life. It allows you to recognize life as a fleeting moment; a short opportunity that will pass. Do not hold onto things that restrict your flow. Surrender them into the river of transformation so that this precious time on earth is free to flow and be alive.

The High Priestess

High_Priestess_webThe High Priestess is a mysterious being. She goes where no man dares to go…deep into the void. It is where she feels most at home. The light of her intuition spreads throughout the darkness and illuminates every corner and facet of this immense space. Her mind is able to overlap the cosmic mind and perceive its secrets. Her’s is a big and subtle reality which is often difficult to convey into the moments of normal time.

When you get this card step back and recalibrate. Things are not as they seem because you are not seeing the whole picture. There are things hidden. Use your intuition, your answers are within. They might surface through your dreams, through signs, through another person and through coincidences.

The Moon

xviii_moon_webThe moon rules the night. It is a time when most of the world goes to sleep and slips into the sub-conscious and unconscious planes. It is a time when these deep levels have a chance to surface and become known through our dreams. During this sacred time, when the minds of men slumber, a quietness descends on the earth that calls forth the ancient forces of nature and magic. The realm of the receptive feminine energy awakens and it is moody, chaotic and mysterious. The Moon shines her light into the dark internal spaces and uncovers the hidden parts of the psyche. The push and pull emotional undercurrents become amplified and unknown fears begin to rise and grip your world. This is the Moon carrying you into the Void. It is a place where you feel the monsters of the abyss. They are awake and they have found you. In this vast ocean of emotion, there are no bearings. At any moment the calm waters can rise up and smash everything to pieces.

In this card we have a giant octopus threatening the safety of the little boat. The octopus is a mystical creature that has its intuition plugged into the great galactic mind. It anchors the universal consciousness onto our earth planet and holds the lines of communication open between us and the great cosmic ocean.

There is a push and pull between the smallness of oneself against the mighty backdrop of the cosmos. How to reconcile the immensity of this power dynamic?  When one looks around at the great ocean, spanning as far as the eye can see, in all directions on the surface, and deeper than the body can bear; when one glances at the star studded cosmos above and peers into infinity… then the scale of  one’s insignificance becomes clear.

Without the light of the sun the true backdrop within which we exist is revealed. The vast immensity of the void opens up and the sheer futility of holding on to who we are is threatened. The questions of the soul become relevant; the question of ‘who am I’, ‘where do I belong’ and ‘where am I going’. These are the deep eternal questions that the Moon prompts you to ask. The sun blinds you to the small reality of earth, but the night returns you to your place within the universe.

When you get the moon card it is important to spend time with yourself and introspect. New areas of your psyche are being revealed and it takes time and attention to get to know them and integrate them into your personality. It is time to confront your demons. Sleep more because in dreamtime a lot can be worked out in the subconscious. Inner work, psychic work, prayer, ritual; this is the time. Meditate, walk in nature, eat well and try to have peace in your environment to help balance the turmoil inside.

III. The Empress

The Great Mother presents herself in this card as The Empress. Her whole Being is an expression of womanhood. She is full of life and love. She is protective of her creation, nurturing and patient. She is also very lovely, sensual and seductive. Wherever she is present, there is beauty, and abundance.

The physical world with all its natural beauty is her expression but she herself is a goddess and exists on a higher dimension. In her realm there are colors, forms, geometry, symmetry and creative expression so exquisite that it is beyond the comprehension of our five senses. It is a fantastic realm that can be perceived through nature. In her realm the fairies and nature spirits are alive and active. There is excitement and joy surrounding the creation and maintenance of life and beauty.

The brilliance of sunscapes, the majesty of mountains, the serenity of forests, the gorgeousness of wild flower meadows; these are her expressions. Nature is her doorway and in places where it is untouched, her energy is pure and powerful.

The Empress card is very pertinent at this time as it is the feminine energy we are struggling to come to terms with and bring back into a balance. We have learnt that we cannot live against nature. Nature functions within a system of wholeness. Within nature every part has a purpose. There is balance and harmony. We’ve come to realize of how important nature is for us and that we must live within nature’s order and not above it.

The Empress is not only available in nature but also through women. Women are the natural channels for her beauty, creativity and abundance. The imbalance present in nature is a reflection of the imbalance between the masculine and feminine energies. Our world has become overly based on competition and dominance. When women understand the power that is lies in beauty, love, creation and nurturing, and when men appreciate and honor these qualities, then nature will be able to regain her balance. Women have experienced the victim role and many are finding strength by moving towards the masculine pole, but true empowerment will be through drawing in the loving qualities of the Empress.

The Empress is deeply aware of the cosmic aspects of timing as it relates to creating and sustaining life. She is connected to the cyclical timing of the sun, the moon, the seasons and the eons. She understands the natural rhythms and patterns of nature which form an organic structure for her creativity. There is an intuitive intelligence that orchestrates place, function and timing.

In this card the Empress is seated on a sumptuous golden throne. Her dress is also gold and she wears a golden crown with brilliant diamonds. This shows her opulence and command over success and abundance. The lion feet of her throne and her pregnant state represent her creative powers. She holds a staff with a green orb which is vitality itself and her ability to gift life. Resting on her finger and all around her are orbs of light, the fairy beings which are her subjects. Roses are an expression of her beauty, softness, love and sensuality. The purple irises represent her intuition and connection to higher realms.

When you get this card, tune into your heart and feel your creative spark. How are you using your creative force? Look at the beauty in your life and nurture it with affection and care. Use your creativity to bring harmony into your environment. Honor the rhythms and timing of nature. Life wants to flow through you and find an expression. See where in your life this can be. This card could signify pregnancy, fortune, prosperity, sensuality and harmony.

0. The Fool

Darshanie's Fool

The Fool initiates the journey of the Tarot. His impulsive step into the unknown catapults the events and experiences of the Major Archana cards that ultimately lead to growth, self discovery and refinement. The Fool card is propelled by the inborn urge of the Soul to move forward, explore, expand, grow and become. It is the energy of life itself which never wants to be stagnant as life is an expression of curiosity, flow and seeking. The Fool is carried by this impulse and with it he takes the monumental step and begins his journey.

The Fool card is expressed by the Zero, a most mystical number. Zero represents nothing, the void, and at the same time the possibility of everything. Zero is the Bindu, a point plucked out of infinite field of potentiality in its very first expression as a point of origin. As experience unfolds, it does so in a spiral pattern; it moves forward but always circles back to the Zero place. But things can never be the same; experience and awareness changes everything and so, even though time finds its way back to the zero point, it is by virtue of the journey, one level higher. Numbers reflect this spiral structure. We start with 0 and count up to 9. At 10 we find we’ve looped back to the 0 point, but with the added value of all the preceding numbers, it carries a higher level in value. This journey is infinite.

The symbolism within this card communicates the patterning of The Fool. The Bindu, the infinitesimal point has expanded, creating a circular opening through which The Fool may emerge. The energy of this action liberates immense creative energies, illustrated as bands of radiating color. Beginnings are echoed in the sunrise, and the sprouting seed.

The Fool himself is a young boy, still in the process of becoming. His innocence is symbolized by the white flowers he carries. He is young and what little experience he has he carries with him in his little bag. He is able to take this step because he trusts the universe and the universe takes care of him. He has divine protection in the form of the dove which is his Higher Self that is overseeing this journey and also the little lights, his guides that accompany him.

Beginnings and the energy of The Fool is present in many situations. It is there at the beginning of a new relationship, education, business, move, birth, or journey. Every day and every moment can be an opportunity for a new beginning.  The Fool risks; he steps into the flow of life and is forever changed.

At a bigger level The Fool’s journey is the journey of our Soul. It takes the risk of entering this world. Anything can happen but through it all, the Soul experiences and learns about itself and so, is forever changed.