Lovely Om Tarot

We call upon God in his many forms to bless and guide us towards greater love and awareness.

Lovely Om Tarot offers light into the unseen realms. It is a bridge to your subconscious and to your higher self. It uses the language of imagery to spark your intuition. Use it for your personal development and spiritual growth. 

We will begin our kickstarter campaign in February. You can pre-order your deck there and  become the first ones to own The Lovely Om Tarot.

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Weekly Tarot Satsangs

Kostenloser Live Online Tarot Satsang, immer Samstags um 19 Uhr. Der Einladungslink wird über den Newsletter versandt. Wenn Du dabei sein möchtest, kannst Du Dich hier anmelden.

Tarot Game

Pull a card from the Lovely Om Tarot by writing your name or question into the field below. Then press the button.