Queen of Disks

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queen_of_disks_darshanieThe ancient element of earth is a place of powerful magic. It is the realm of Mooladhara, the final doorway through which spirit is birthed into matter. There is no physical existence without this element. The great magic of life happens constantly and abundantly within nature. The Queen of Disks rules this domain. From a handful of seeds, she can create a thriving forest. She grants support, structure, comfort, security, value, money and health. Her gifts operate in a healthy Mooladhara chakra.

Through connection to the earth element we have connection to abundance, growth, life, magic and sacredness. Being in nature lets you experience this. Even a single blade of grass carries earth’s sacred wisdom. It is tiny, small, one of zillions, yet it is honored and can drink deep of the earth. Its roots are intertwined with the roots of other grasses, flowers trees. It knows the cycles of seasons; it participates in the yearly process of death and rebirth. It knows how to live simply and take in the sunshine. At the same time it is a vast expression through the collective plant awareness. As part of a collective, it holds the soil together, allows the earth to breath and keeps in her moisture. There is nothing insignificant within the matrix of earth. Alone the blade of grass is small, but plugged into earth, it carries the message of wholeness and oneness. When you experience oneness you are no longer ONE. When you experience wholeness there is no longer a HOLE.

There was a time when people were connected to nature. Their life and time cycles flowed in harmony with the seasons. They understood and participated in the story of their food. By eating healthy and listening to the body, you tap into the intuitive healing wisdom of nature. You feel where and when something gets out of balance and how to heal it. Health is a natural state. The health problems we have today are a result of nature being pulled out of balance on a global scale.

The story lines of countless species are held within the earth. All Beings that have lived here, in the end have rested their bodies into the earth and contributed to the richness of her soil. When a tree, a bird, an animal or person dies, its body along with its cellular memory goes into the earth, is decomposed, broken down, absorbed and becomes the fertile ground that supports life. In nature everything that dies is recycled into life giving soil. Earth contains the distillation of our lives, our experiences, our hopes and fears, our joys and sorrow, our intrigues and drama. It is all absorbed into a collective wisdom that feeds and supports new life. Within her crystalline caverns, all experiences are stored. All life is held sacred. Life builds itself upon life. One generation builds upon the next. There is continuity and a growing of wisdom. Through this natural cycling, nature remains ever fresh, ever clean and ever in the service of life. Soil is the soul of earth; it cannot soil, it is only our alienation from earth that interprets it so.

Mooladhara has become dysfunctional because we have uprooted it from its natural element of earth and are trying to grow it hydroponically. We are replacing nature’s wholesome bounty with dead environments and artificial substitutes. This only alienates us from our ancestral wisdom and interconnectedness.

There are two directions for energy to flow. One that creates life and one that creates chaos and destruction. In the quest for individuality, humans have forgotten the beauty of interdependence. Because of our disrespect and abuse of earth, we have driven the Fairy Kingdom along with its magic into other dimensions. The life and magic of nature has fled and left us with a contorted and angry form of nature. The imbalance in nature is reflected in our reality as disease, poverty and emptiness.

The denial of earth’s magic has left humanity with a spiritual void. We try hard to fill it with food, drugs, sex and materialism. But it is a hunger of the soul that cannot be satisfied by the outer world.

When we exploit the earth we lose the connection to the sacredness of life and its cycles. We become afraid of death, disease and dirt because we turn our energies into the direction of chaos and imbalance. We create a reality which produces fear.

Getting back to nature is a conscious effort. It starts by honoring your body through dance, yoga, exercise, eating healthy non-violent food and getting lots of regular sleep. Its about reclaiming the magic within our Beings; the power to create your life and manifest a reality that is wholesome, interconnected and supportive to life. We need to becomty that is wholesome, interconnected and supportive to life. We need to become dreamers of our own earth connected reality rather than puppets in society’s materialistic machine. We need to reclaim the energies of Mooladhara so that it can grow deep roots and become empowered.

Magic is an awareness of the inner worlds that allow us to dream our dreams into earth reality. It is the knowledge that we are Beings of great manifesting power, imbued with a life giving force from a loving breathing earth. When we create in harmony with her laws, we are automatically connected to her power. When we harm and exploit the earth, we defile the sacredness of life and become a separate entity that moves in the direction of chaos and destruction.

The Queen of Disks sits under a forest cathedral with light streaming through its leaves. Her altar is laden with fruits and vegetables. Her staff has a crystal that holds the wisdom of generations past. Her horns represent her intuition which is instinctive, cyclic and bound to the earth. She is about life and for life.