Nine of Disks

nine_of_disks_smallYou have reached a stable level of prosperity in the Nine of Disks. The menial tasks are taken care of and the struggle for survival has been overcome. There is nothing that absolutely needs to be done. You have reached a great level of accomplishment in mastering the energies of the disks. You have earned this time for leisure.

Your world has become simple and safe. The constructs of good and evil and right and wrong have settled into their allotted places. All is at ease. The wildness of the earth has been tamed. Gardens are manicured and pets are domesticated. The primal energies of instinct and chaos are pacified.

When you get this card you can let go and relax. It’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You have the freedom to pursue hobbies, develop your talents, study topics of interest, travel, explore life. The material foundation is there and now its up to you what you do with this support.