Prince of Disks

prince-of-disks-darshanieThe Prince of Disks comes from a stream of consciousness that belongs to the inner realms of earth. He is connected to her vast intelligence which is comprised of millions of beings, great and small, that all weave into a seamless powerful consciousness. This is the same type of intelligence within our bodies.

The Prince of Disks knows the landscape of his body. He is attuned to its language and powerful instinctual nature. He understands his body as the subconscious. The intelligence of the body is difficult for us to grasp. Just as we live on the surface of the earth, we live on the surface of our bodies. Although our bodies belong to us, it is largely unknown. It is a realm of darkness and fear.

Our body is an ecosystem like the earth. It is a conglomerate consciousness. Within our bodies are worlds of specialized cells and colonies of fungi, bacteria and parasites. All these entities influence our behaviors as we influence their presence. Some of them are necessary and some are harmful. When our internal environment is in balance we have wonderful digestion and overall health. But when it is disturbed and operating out of shame, guilt and fear, our bodies become acidic and harmful organisms begin to flourish. Certain fungi and parasites love sugar and junk food. They hook into the nervous system and cause your body to crave the foods they want. They latch onto you on an emotional level and embed states of anxiety and fear. If you are living in unawareness with your body then it feels like your body is behaving against you and that you are helpless.

Culture and religion has had a strong impact on how we relate to our bodies. Pagan and shamanistic cultures greatly appreciated the divinity of the body. They used the dimensional technologies within the body to access various spiritual states. Spirit and matter found their overlap through the body.

In many religions, especially Christianity the body with its urges and impulses was rejected as sinful and a vehicle for the devil. Here is a paradigm that could make you absolutely terrified of your body. There was a time of witch hunts. This is an example of what extreme fear of the body looks like.

With the industrial revolution and the advancement of science, the body became parts and pieces like a machine and was valued for its functionality. Sickness and disease could be solved through pharmaceuticals and repaired through surgery. The body started morphing into a ‘thing’ to be pushed and bullied into service.

With consumerism the body is objectified as a commodity, a sex symbol, a product, your own arm candy. You dress it, groom it, nip it and tuck it. You use it to create a front to hide behind. The shadow parts are ruthlessly denied.

In the computer age, we are entering a virtual world that is more exciting than the body. Even while eating, driving, socializing, adventuring, vacationing, relaxing we are busy with our cell phone and computer. This takes us away from the spontaneous in-the-body nature of these experiences.

The body is so amazing. It is your home. It is your vehicle for expression and your doorway to experiencing the world. You carry within your cellular memory the history of all your past lifetimes. It is your history, your story, your hopes and fears, your joys and sorrows. The soul history that is buried within your flesh carries your signature. It is you; your spirit grounded. There is no other body quite like yours.

The Prince of Disks asks you to look at your body with a soft and accepting awareness. To sink into the body wisdom and let its various structures speak to you. As we work out the issues within our bodies, we create a more positive and healthy interaction with the world. By taking care of your body you are inviting in more of your Being. By taking care of your body you are taking care of your home.

The body is you, spirit, mind, emotions; the whole package manifested in this world. This body is the original technology. It can reach states of consciousness without drugs, communicate telepathically without telephones, know without google, and heal without pharmaceuticals.

The Prince of Disks is half man and half animal. He has empirical intelligence as well as instinctual and body intelligence. He can traverse the inroads of his body and read its stories. He plays his lute in a sacred grove of trees on the night of a new moon. The forest spirits and devas dance around him. He communicates to them through a sense of oneness, acceptance, inclusion, music and presence. It is the same intuitive language that the body uses.

When you get the Prince of Disks, you need to relax, slow down and take time to listen to your body. It wants to tell you something. . . Your body is your temple, blessed by the great Mother Earth. Every line, lump and knot tells a story. If you can treat it with extreme love and respect you will initiate a fantastic journey of self-recovery and healing.