Psychic Reading


Understand Yourself at a Deeper Level

Have you ever wondered about who you are as a Soul? What you might look like at that level? How does your Soul behave, what are its talents, where does it come from and what would it like to communicate to you.

Would you like to look at the important relationships in your life and understand the Soul dynamics involved? Do you wonder what it is that you wanted to accomplish with each other and what past life influences are at play?

What did you want to experience in this lifetime and what different soul connections and soul history you have with the people in your life?

This is just one area you can explore in a reading.

Here are some favorite areas to look at:

  • Relationships
  • Past Lives
  • Life Purpose
  • Spirituality
  • Communicating with your Soul

There are many planes of consciousness that we exist on. We are most aware of the physical plane, but it is the subtle level realities that create our lives. In a reading I move beyond this plane and move into the more subtle energetic levels.

Reading from this level is profound as it reflects your entire story, past and future, as it is relevant to you in this moment. Information unfolds in a way that communicates to you personally. It might start out with your guides or your Higher Self coming through. It might start out with colors, energy patterns, pictures, or just a feeling. At this fluid level, everything is multi-dimensional. Colors have feeling and pictures are codes that contain whole concepts and stories.

This is a cooperative venture into your reality. I communicate to you what your higher self would like you to know and I look into areas of that you would like to explore.

Come prepared with questions!

  • 1 hour  session   $200.00

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