Beautifully done!

February 22, 2024

This Deck is absolutely beautiful! I have been leaning Tarot for about 4 years. As a person who has meditated for over 30 years, this deck is perfect for me. I look forward to working with it every day.

Suzanne. U.S.A

My experience with the Lovely Om Tarot Deck and Course

March 15, 2023

The Lovely Om Tarot Deck and the course came to me just right in time. I felt stuck and I had lost contact with my Self.

After meeting Darshanie and Markus and the lovely community I could feel the lighting up right away. Darshanie led us through the course with her wonderfully intuitive and kind way of being, really in every aspect so lovely, so full of love. It was a wonderful interaction during the course, a very effective way of getting in touch with the cards and of learning to enter the psychic realm in a safe way. Every spread I made, every card I pulled ever since showed me answers, something I wasn’t aware of came to the surface, it helped me to grow and it still keeps leading me back on my spiritual path with confidence. As a beginner I noticed a fear of pulling certain cards at first but the Lovely Om Tarot deck is so beautiful and safe, and Darshanie’s insights were always leading to a perspective of possibilities behind the issue, so by now I have lost all the inhibitions I had towards tarot before. What a blessing, what a precious gift she made the world. And I hope it will be the same for you, dear interested reader: a gift and a blessing. Om Shanthi, Carmen Karuna

Carmen Karuna, Germany

A beautiful spiritual deck

March 8, 2023

Darshanie created such a beautiful deck with the Lovely Om Tarot! I feel very blessed to be able to get even more insights into her creation process and the depths of the Tarot through her Tarot course.

A deck for everyone who would like to connect deeper to Indian deities and embark on a spiritual journey to self-knowledge.

Nandi, Austria

Beautiful and Insightful!

December 12, 2022

This is such a beautifully created deck! I feel the connection of east meets west in many ways throughout the artwork and the descriptions. There is really great insights given on each card that adds to the traditional information that can be found in an average tarot book. I feel this deck is a wonderful addition for all card readers collections.

Lisa, Pittsburgh PA

A precious divine gift

December 12, 2022

This beautiful tarot deck touches my hearth and my soul deeply. It talkes in a different way to me through feelings, inspirations and impulses. I always understand the clear messages and the deeper meaning of a message with the result, that I get a deeper understanding about myself, my behaviour and the challenge I’;m in the current situation. It helps me to take responsibility in my life for my actions and thoughts. I’m grateful for this unique work of art and the knowledge about the tarot which was conveyed with deep love through Darshani. It’s such a divine gift.

Michaela, Germany

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