Seven of Disks

Seven of Disks

seven_of_disks_smallYou have undertaken the massive task of restructuring the earth. In this card a farmer looks over his land and sees all the work he has done. He has cleared the earth of her many grasses, shrubs, trees and wildlife.  He has arranged the land according to his needs. Crops are planted in neat rows for easy sowing and harvesting. Fruit trees are clustered together on the hill. There is even an area for the farm animals to graze and get milked. The natural environments are broken, tamed and put to use.

Rewriting the land is no small task. The earth and vegetation have a history that is millions of years older than ours. Within the ancient thick woods and deep forests are the hidden dimensions of fairies, nature beings, tree spirits and elementals.

The ancient trees  were the original gods and alters of worship. They are the living witnesses of life and the keepers of  history.To sit and melt with an old tree is to become still and enter the library of time. A tree can share with you its wisdom if you are receptive.

When you clear the land, you take from it the multitude of beings, both physical and astral. You clear away the magic, the mystery and the wisdom. You level the dimensions down to the surface.

Man is a young species. He is still learning about himself and battling with his fears. The world that he carves out for himself is based on his survival. He is afraid of the wild mysterious, powerful life force of mother nature and so he creates a tame version that he can manage.

Man does not realize that in doing this, he is cutting himself off from his greater spirit, his subtle levels and from his history. The elements of the earth are the elements that make up his very body. They are part of his inner world and the doorway to his spirit.

So the poor farmer works hard. He has removed all that he is afraid of and created a domain of comfort and safety where he can feel secure.

When you pull this card, understand that it is your limitations that you are catering to. The obstacles that you are facing is that of cultivating the rawness of nature into your vision of utility.

After a period of hard work, it is time to pause, reflect and assess your progress. You might be feeling tired, you might be feeling discouraged. Progress seems slow and patience is required to see your project through to completion. You are making the world a place that is friendly for you. Remember though, that nature is the greater Being in which we live in and so it is difficult to go against her. See where there might be room for corporation. It is easier to accomplish your goals by working within her flow.