Spiritual Support

We are in This Together

Nothing exists in isolation. Our wounds are so intertwined with the rest of humanity that it is very difficult to step out and find the objectivity necessary to heal. With Spiritual Support, I use my intuitive gifts to move into the deeper layers of your psyche and help you to identify and heal the energetic patterns of trauma which are the root causes of any type of dysfunction.

I can support you to:

  • Align with your Soul Purpose
  • Heal emotional pain
  • Overcome mental obstacles
  • Clear karmic patterns
  • Bring in the higher frequencies of your Being
  • Become a more spiritually connected person

The most exciting journey is the one into yourselves. Our reality is vast. We are not only who we think we are. We are a Soul with a long history of lifetimes and existing on many different planes of reality. There are many levels to this story that we are living.

To really understand ourselves, it is sometimes necessary to step out and look at the big picture, the whole story. Spiritual Support helps to harmonize the deeper layers of yourself by bringing in awareness from the intuitive realms.

When we can understand why a situation happens, understand the lessons behind it, the patterns that have created it and see how it all ties together to form the present picture, we become liberated from the trappings of the situation and are able to move forward in freedom, choice and joy!

For anyone who really wants to grow, this is a worthwhile process. With time, patience and commitment deep shifts can take place that really change your life. Getting Spiritual Support is a commitment you make to yourself that will enhance and further your spiritual growth. You can get it for as long as you wish. I suggest a minimum of three months for real shifts to take place.

Inquire for Spiritual Support:

To make an appointment please send me an inquiry below. Let me know what your times would work for you along with your time zone. Also let me know when you would like to have your regular 1/2 hour sessions. They need to be reserved for the same time every week.

Payments must be received before your appointment.
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3 Month: 12 half hour readings: $600

Or pay $200 a month

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