The Moon

xviii_moon_webThe moon rules the night. It is a time when most of the world goes to sleep and slips into the sub-conscious and unconscious planes. It is a time when these deep levels have a chance to surface and become known through our dreams. During this sacred time, when the minds of men slumber, a quietness descends on the earth that calls forth the ancient forces of nature and magic. The realm of the receptive feminine energy awakens and it is moody, chaotic and mysterious. The Moon shines her light into the dark internal spaces and uncovers the hidden parts of the psyche. The push and pull emotional undercurrents become amplified and unknown fears begin to rise and grip your world. This is the Moon carrying you into the Void. It is a place where you feel the monsters of the abyss. They are awake and they have found you. In this vast ocean of emotion, there are no bearings. At any moment the calm waters can rise up and smash everything to pieces.

In this card we have a giant octopus threatening the safety of the little boat. The octopus is a mystical creature that has its intuition plugged into the great galactic mind. It anchors the universal consciousness onto our earth planet and holds the lines of communication open between us and the great cosmic ocean.

There is a push and pull between the smallness of oneself against the mighty backdrop of the cosmos. How to reconcile the immensity of this power dynamic?  When one looks around at the great ocean, spanning as far as the eye can see, in all directions on the surface, and deeper than the body can bear; when one glances at the star studded cosmos above and peers into infinity… then the scale of  one’s insignificance becomes clear.

Without the light of the sun the true backdrop within which we exist is revealed. The vast immensity of the void opens up and the sheer futility of holding on to who we are is threatened. The questions of the soul become relevant; the question of ‘who am I’, ‘where do I belong’ and ‘where am I going’. These are the deep eternal questions that the Moon prompts you to ask. The sun blinds you to the small reality of earth, but the night returns you to your place within the universe.

When you get the moon card it is important to spend time with yourself and introspect. New areas of your psyche are being revealed and it takes time and attention to get to know them and integrate them into your personality. It is time to confront your demons. Sleep more because in dreamtime a lot can be worked out in the subconscious. Inner work, psychic work, prayer, ritual; this is the time. Meditate, walk in nature, eat well and try to have peace in your environment to help balance the turmoil inside.