Three of Disks

three-of-disks-darshanieWithin the secret doorways of nature there exists a fascinating realm of brilliant colors, dazzling lights, shimmering geometry and eternal archetypes. This is the realm of eternal truths from which nature creates. The truth of a rock, a pearl and a lion are found here. The essence of blue, wet, infinity, a triangle and a circle are found here. The structure of whirlwinds, trees, starfish and a rainbow are found here. The blueprints for prosperity, harmony, beauty, distress, and hunger are found here. This is the realm of forms that Plato spoke of in the Allegory of the Cave. A rose is a rose because it expresses the essence of what a rose is within this realm of perfect forms. Nature is the expressive ground for these eternal truths. She expresses these perfect truths in unending variety.

As creative beings we can also manifest using this realm. As a human you carry within the subtle body access to a wide range of forms. This means that you have the flexibility to choose what you connect to. It’s not like the case of an apple that must carry the essence of an apple. It’s more like an apple that can carry the essence of pears and cherries and plums. We can choose the true forms we connect to and bring through. This is the power of our free will and the gift of the human template.

Through the power of imagination, identification and association you can connect to and conjure into your reality the vibration of different forms. By surrounding yourself with forms of divinity such as flowers, nature and sacred mantras, you can become divine. By surrounding yourself with forms of degradation such as violence, drugs, meat and porn you can become demonic.

In this card three flower fairies are creating a beautiful field, one flower at a time. They are filling in the blueprint for a wild rose, a flower of great beauty and a gift from Venus. The rose carries within it many inspiring codes from the realm of forms. It carries the five pointed geometry of nature in its structure, the blueprint of innocence in its delicate petals, the essence of femininity in its soft pink, the rapture of love in its intoxicating fragrance, and the power of creation in its central bindu. The flower fairies are master craftsmen and they weave these eternal truths into the flowers so that their qualities can manifest and become available on the material plane.

With the three of disks you already understand the direction of your project. Now is the time to establish beneficial connections and partnerships. This card indicates the need for a strong support system. Reach out and network. You cannot do this alone. You need the help of the universe, nature and your community.