Lovely Om Tarot

A complete 78 card original watercolor deck with booklet. It features Gods and Goddesses from the Hindu pantheon and mystical Beings from the many dimensions that intersect our reality.

Tarot is a beautiful process of self-reflection. These cards help you to access your intuition so that you can explore different perspectives, communicate with your subconscious and bring in the wisdom of your Higher Self.

This deck can be used for:

  • developing your intuition
  • finding clarity
  • looking into relationships
  • working through emotions
  • opening psychic spaces
  • connecting to your higher self
  • spiritual growth

Life is a great teacher. It wants you to grow. You can use the tarot to understand your lessons, communicate with life and step into the flow of your becoming.

Lovely Om Tarot


The Lovely Om Tarot comes from a sacred space of prayer and meditation. I had a vision of brilliant lights emerging from a candle, flooding the room, and forming the Ace of Wands. I took this inspiration and started painting.

Mystical Beings from various dimensions came and assisted me in this project, sharing their wisdom and embedding their frequencies into the cards. Because of this creative collaboration the cards in this deck offer intuitive keys to explore many psychic realms. It can go very deep into realms of despair and also reach very high into realms of divine vibrations. Holding such a huge range of frequencies allows for an enormous amount of transformation to take place.

After the Ace of Wands, I continued with the other Aces which introduced the elemental energies of the suits.

Then came the Princesses which brought in a lot of creative energy.

It was not possible to force these paintings. They relied on inspiration. I would focus on a card until I was personally connected to its energy. Then it would come to me in a dream or vision. These cards came through me as streams of energy, surprising me and transforming me in the process.

The first great mystical being to come through was Pan. He initiated the information within the earth suit. I understood through him, the magic of earth and how all beings that take birth through her matrix are within her mind. The mind of earth is an intense vast psychic space.

If you find yourself in the great expanse of nature and you allow yourself to sink into the earth, you can experience your mind expand. At first it feels like silence but then the hum and buzz of earth’s energy begins to take over and you begin to feel the intense life force and power that she carries. I learnt that earth is not just matter; it is magic; the magic of spirit becoming form.

And then came Lord Shiva. Shiva is one of the greatest Gods. His consciousness spans all frequencies, moving infinitely up and infinitely down. Yet he is the simplest and most easily pleased of all the Gods. He honors this deck with his presence as Pashupati, the protector of animals. As the Knight of disks he is the sleeping consciousness that is encapsulated within matter, like a seed resting in the earth, peaceful and at ease until it is awakened by the light.

The presence of Lord Shiva elevated this deck tremendously and made it special. It set a precedent and thereafter many other divine beings lent their energies. Here are a few examples:

The Yogis say that a spiritual seeker is like a tree whose roots are nourished by the light of the Soul and whose branches bear fruit in the world. 

May this deck connect you with that light and be a blessing on your path.

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