About Darshanie Sukhu

About the Creator: Darshanie Sukhu

Darshanie grew up in the Sivananda Yoga Ashrams, a spiritual community based on the traditional practices of yoga and meditation. It was a truly wonderful environment for her natural intuitive abilities to develop. Her inner world was alive and filled with Gods like Krishna and Shiva. Her yogic practices and sadhana has allowed her to experience other dimensions and deeper layers of the personality.

Darshanie has been an intuitive psychic for over 25 years. She teaches seminars related to intuition, yoga and personal growth. Her work to is to help you understand yourself as an individual with all the twists and turns that have brought you to this moment, so that you can begin with awareness to heal and move towards your wholeness. She has a compassionate perspective on life’s journey.

She is also a watercolor artist with a love for capturing the psychic realm through flowers and deities. She is the artist and author of the Lovely Om Tarot.

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