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Wholesale prices are as following:

10 Decks: $250.- 

Tarot set includes the following.

  • Complete 78 card tarot deck
  • 200 page full color guide book
  • Lovely Om Tarot pouch

The deck, booklet, and tarot pouch come together in a hard case box.

A complete 78 card original watercolor deck with booklet. It features Gods and Goddesses from the Hindu pantheon and mystical Beings from the many dimensions that intersect our reality.

Tarot is a beautiful process of self-reflection. These cards help you to access your intuition so that you can explore different perspectives, communicate with your subconscious and bring in the wisdom of your Higher Self.

This deck can be used for:

  • developing your intuition
  • finding clarity
  • looking into relationships
  • working through emotions
  • opening psychic spaces
  • connecting to your higher self
  • spiritual growth
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