The Lovely Om tarot course offers an in-depth study into this beautiful deck, but much more than that the information shared are concepts that can move your spiritual path into areas not yet explored. This course offers a world of self discovery and opportunity to meet like minded people in a supportive and caring environment. Darshanie (with the wonderful support from her charming husband Markus) is truly a lovely soul and learning from her during her courses is a privilege and an honor that will touch my life well beyond the length of the course. 
In Gratitude, Andi
In this course I could benefit from Darshanie's profound experiences for decades with the tarot. It was a joyful, intense and insightful time of learning. I learned not only reading and connecting to the cards, I learned also about the journey of the soul, personal development and yogic philosophy. The deck radiates a positive vibration and depicts a wide range of human and divine states of consciousness. 
Matthias H. 
The Lovely Om Tarot Deck and the course came to me just right in time. I felt stuck and I had lost contact with my Self.
After meeting Darshanie and Markus and the lovely community I could feel the lighting up right away. Darshanie led us through the course with her wonderfully intuitive and kind way of being, really in every aspect so lovely, so full of love. It was a wonderful interaction during the course, a very effective way of getting in touch with the cards and of learning to enter the psychic realm in a safe way. Every spread I made, every card I pulled ever since showed me answers, something I wasn’t aware of came to the surface, it helped me to grow and it still keeps leading me back on my spiritual path with confidence. As a beginner I noticed a fear of pulling certain cards at first but the Lovely Om Tarot deck is so beautiful and safe, and Darshanie’s insights were always leading to a perspective of possibilities behind the issue, so by now I have lost all the inhibitions I had towards tarot before. What a blessing, what a precious gift she made the world. And I hope it will be the same for you, dear interested reader: a gift and a blessing. 
Om Shanthi, Carmen
In August 2021 I gladly received my copy of the LovelyOm deck. As I didn't have a lot of experience with tarot, I booked the 18 hours tarot course with Darshanie. In the course, we learned how to connect with the different energies of the cards and how to read them intuitively. We practiced doing spreads for ourselves and other participants of the group. This was a lot of fun and I got also many insights and different perspectives from the group. As an additional help, there is a booklet which concisely summarizes the philosophy behind the deck and contains descriptions of the cards and different spreads.

What I like about the LovelyOm deck:

the harmonious design
the beautiful artwork
the simple and profound symbolic language
the spiritual depth and higher wisdom 
the energy of the deck (I feel a peacefulness, gentleness, warmth, love, and acceptance coming from them when I hold the cards in my hands)
The LovelyOm deck has become a beloved friend of mine. It's a very powerful tool that I use for my spiritual growth. I hope many people will see the beauty, wisdom, and truth in it and will benefit from the great gift it brings to world.
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